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Typing Interviews

1 1/2 to 2 hour personal interview to help client determine his/her Enneagram type.  

Half-day Workshop

In addition to introducing the Enneagram, this presentation will focus on using the Enneagram in team-building, interactions, decision-making, leadership styles, and conflict-resolution. Team members will be introduced to all of the types and leave with an understanding of how the types function at work and what 'pet peeves' each Enneagram type has in work situations. Team members from each type will share what they need from others to bring out their best at work.

Full-day Workshop

The full-day workshop will include everything from the half-day presentation and will go into more specifics about each Enneagram type. In addition, there will be more time for type-specific interaction and time for the team to discuss how to use the Enneagram knowledge learned to enhance team interactions and increase cohesion and effectiveness.

Coaching Services

One-to-one and small group coaching services custom built for leaders and those working to build their teams. 

Personal coaching sessions for those wanting to use Enneagram knowledge for personal growth. 

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